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I Will Be Your Advocate

I am attorney Megan Lovelady, and I believe that everyone is entitled to quality legal representation when they have been injured in an accident, experienced medical negligence or been treated unfairly at work. Too often, insurance companies and employers rely on wearing people down or offering a quick but lowball offer in order to avoid taking responsibility for the situation. I work with clients to help them receive the compensation they deserve, whether it is for an auto or truck accident or for being subject to discrimination at work.

In addition to my personal injury practice, I also assist clients with breach of contract cases. You can read more about me by clicking the link below. I offer free consultations where I will give you an honest assessment of your case.

You Can Rely On My Experience

I have been practicing law since 2014. After working at other firms, I founded Lovelady Law Office, PLLC, in 2018 to be able to provide my clients the dedicated, personalized service they deserve. I am licensed by the State Bar of Texas; from my office in Kyle, Texas, I serve all of Central Texas. I will put my tenacity and experience to work for you in the following areas:

Regardless of the situation, you should always be treated fairly and respectfully. As your attorney, that is what you can expect of me, and I will work to make sure people and companies on the other side do the same.

Don’t Settle Too Soon

When you are injured in an accident or the victim of medical malpractice, the insurance company for the person responsible will likely offer a quick settlement. It can be tempting to accept an early offer in order to have cash to help offset expenses involved with your recovery like doctor’s bills or lost wages. Insurance companies know this and use it to their advantage. With an attorney by your side, the chances for a more fair settlement are greatly improved. I understand that you are vulnerable after an unfortunate event like an accident or being treated unfairly at work; that is why I will step in and work on your behalf to get the most favorable settlement.

Don’t wait to hire a lawyer. You can reach me by phone at 512-961-7881 for a free consultation, or use this easy email form to tell me about your case.